Toby Tomplay's bio

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where live music is a way of life, Toby Tomplay was mesmerized by Rock and Blues at an early age. At 16 years old, Toby became serious about playing the guitar and quickly excelled at it. By 18, he fronted his own band, and at 21 he quit his ‘day job’ and became full time musician. "I had wanted to play guitar ever since I was a kid" states Toby, adding, "I’ve done as many acoustic shows as I have full band shows. This has played a very big part in defining who I am musically."

Acts such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and Jack Johnson made a huge impression on Toby and contributed largely to the style of playing that has made him so unique. Also, being a fan of some of the more modern bands like Matchbox Twenty, Maroon 5 and the Foo Fighter’s, it’s obvious that they not only contributed to the evolution of his signature style of playing but also added the some of that flavor to his very distinct and believable vocals. In his own words, "I think it’s important to pull influences from many sources and genres but still allow yourself to be original and fresh."

After selling out shows such as the Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge, Toby moved on to many other notable venues throughout Louisiana, Texas, Alabama & Florida including hot spots on Bourbon Street in the famous French Quarter in New Orleans and Club Lavela in Panama City Beach. He’s opened for bands such as The Little River Band and Zebra, shared the stage with such talents as Jimmy Wallace of Gavin Degraw, Ryan Knewl of Sister Hazel and in of of Toby’s regular venues in Baton Rouge, country music star Keith Urban even stopped in to play a few. "What a fun night" Laughs Toby, "Keith was such a cool guy to jam with and wow, what a player!"

Toby caught the eye of Country Music Superstar Clay Walker and has had production and publishing deals with his company E L Music. Toby has since been fine tuning his songwriting skills with fellow artists and hit songwriter’s including Brazil’s mega writer Sergio Carrer" Feio". Toby recently had one of his original songs recorded by legendary icon, Dobie Gray. The song titled ‘Bring Me Down Town’ was chosen for the film Noble Things, starring Lee Ann Womack, Ryan Hurst and Michael Parks. Toby is nearly always working in the studio recording music with the help of some of the finest musicians the industry has to offer. Toby closed in saying," I just want to write and record ‘real songs’ that ‘real people’ can relate to. There have been few things more rewarding in my life than singing to a crowd that sings along with me, that’s how you really know you’ve connected with them".

Toby recently released "Candy," an EP written, arranged, performed, recorded, and mixed all by Toby himself.  "Candy" features the newest memeber of "Tomplay," Shelli Brown, on track number 4, "Is this Love." Toby and Shelli can be seen all over the south both in duo form, as well as with the party band "About Last Night."